Best Day Game



Pobbles Meet at the Big Clock!


Pobbles love to go to parties, and tonight they are excited! Tonight is New Year’s Eve! They stand by the big clock and wait for midnight. While they wait they tell stories about the funny things that happened last year and they play games to pass the time. Pobbles like to play all types of games, but on New Year’s Eve they always play Best Day.

Best Day is a great game for Pobbles on New Year’s Eve because it combines games and telling stories which are, of course, two of the most favorite Pobble past times. Best Day is easy to play. All a Pobble has to do is tell a story about the best day they had last year, or the best day they hope to have in the New Year. Everyone has a turn to tell their Best Day story and then they all decide on a winner.

What is your Best Day story? Play with your friends and family, and Happy New Year from the Pobbles!