Feeding Birds

A few of the Pobbles  were walking down the Pobble Path today and they saw a little boy feeding birds with his Aunt. Pobbles are always watching out for people doing good things. They love to tell stories and the best stories always have a happy ending just like this one. They could not wait to get back and share this story with their friends. It is very cold today and the birds will be so happy to have some food to help keep them warm.

Do you feed birds? You can with help from an adult just like the little boy the Pobbles saw today. Birds like seeds, peanuts, cracked corn, and suet. Suet is fat and gives some birds a lot of energy in the cold winter.

You and your parents can visit the Humane Society by clicking here to get more information on the best way to feed birds.

One of the Pobbles was so happy to see the little boy taking care of his bird friends that he went home and painted this picture, and he made sure to put himself in the picture. Do you see the Pobble?

Feeding Birds

You can color your own picture of Percy Pobble feeding his bird friends. Can you count how many birds Percy Pobble is feeding? Click on the image below to print your coloring sheet!

Feeding Birds Color Sheet

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