Hum a Few Bars

Percy Pobble loves to sing! Sometimes he sings alone and sometimes he sings with other Pobbles. Today he walked down the Pobble Path and sang some of his favorite songs. Percy knows the words to a lot of different songs, but sometimes he forgets the words. When that happens he just hums until he remembers them, or sometimes he makes up new words.

The Pobbles like to play a game where they have to make up new words to a favorite song. Percy loves this game. His made up songs almost never make any sense and they are usually so silly that by the end of the song the other Pobbles are rolling around laughing.

Here is a picture you can color of Percy singing his way down the Pobble Path! Ask a grown up to print it for you.

Singing Pobble

Parents, do you sing with your kids? If not, take a look at this article from Rice University. It may turn you into a warbler.  Rice University Singing with Children Article.

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