Percy Pobble Visits the Hospital

One of Percy’s friend’s is sick, and Percy is worried about him. He decided to visit him, but he was a little nervous to go to the hospital. He had never visited a hospital before. When he went in the front door there was a very nice lady sitting at a desk. She said, “Hello there! Can I help you?”

Percy smiled and was very happy she was there to help. He told her his friend’s name and the nice lady helped him find the room. As they were walking Percy saw a big colorful sculpture. “Ooh… That is so pretty.” The nice lady said, “I am glad you like it. We have it here to brighten up the hospital and help people feel better.” Percy was so excited. He told her that he had brought flowers to his friend because he thought some bright cheery flowers might help him feel better. She told him that she was sure the flowers would brighten his friend’s day.

Percy continued looking at the sculpture as they walked. The nice lady asked him if he would like her to take his picture in front of the sculpture. “Yes, please!” said Percy. The nice lady giggled because Percy was so happy to have his picture taken.  Here is Percy’s picture at the big colorful sculpture.

Percy at the hospital

Can you help Percy make his flowers bright and cheery? Ask an adult to print this sheet and see if you can match the colors to the flowers.

Colorful Flowers


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