Snuggle Up With a Frosty Book

storytime chairThe Pobbles love to read books. It is very cold right now at Pobble Path. That means they want to read books about cold snowy days.

The Pobbles like to read to each other. It helps them learn new words, and is a fun way to spend time together. Percy Pobble will often sit in a big comfy chair and read books out loud to his friends. When he was little, his favorite time of the day was when he would sit on his mother’s or father’s lap in the same big comfy chair and listen to them read his favorite stories.

His parents had a silly poem about reading and Percy still remembers the words.

Wiggly Giggly Story Time

It’s time to snuggle up and rest awhile,
To have silly dreams with a drowsy smile.

Sit on my lap and we’ll read some books,
The ones that cause you goofy looks.

Sleep takes longer when you are wiggling,
But I always have time to hear you giggling!

Percy loves that poem. It always reminds him of his parents. Having favorite stories and poems are memories you can take with you forever!

Do you have favorite books about cold snowy days?

Here are Percy’s favorites. Click on the title to go to the WeGiveBooks site and read online for free!

1. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
2. The Mitten by Jan Brett
3. Little Dog Lost by Monica Carnesi

(Parents, all of these links take you to WeGiveBooks, a site where you can read books online for free! The WeGiveBooks site is run by Penguin Books so it is a safe site to visit.)

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