Feeding Ducks

Today Percy went down to the lake near Pobble Path and fed the ducks. He likes to feed them. They all waddle up as fast as they can as soon as they see him coming. The ducks all go, “QUACK! QUACK!” to get his attention. They have plenty to eat in the lake, but the food Percy brings is a special treat.

The ducks that live at Pobble Path are Mallards. The female Mallard ducks are pretty shades of brown. The male Mallard ducks have brown bodies but have bright green feathers on their head. Ducks come in many different colors all around the world.

You can read about Mallards and other types of ducks on the National Geographic website. Their site even lets you listen to the Mallard’s quack!

Here is a coloring page of Percy with his duck friends. What color will your ducks be? Ask a grownup to click on the picture to print your free coloring page.

Feeding Ducks

Percy likes feeding the ducks so much he added it to the list of thing he likes in his Picture Book, I Like…, available on Amazon.


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