Learn to Count to 10!

It is a big day at Pobble Path. Our first app just published on the Apple Store!

Counting Train Cars App

Counting Train Cars is our most popular picture book. Kids seem to love the bright colors and somewhat silly freight cars. We worked with a talented developer and built an educational app based on our best selling book.

The app includes three train based activities for little ones learning to count 1 to 10.

The first activity lets the little engineer load boxes onto the correct box car. The freight is color coded and has a picture to help them match the freight to the correct box car. As they load the boxes they can hear the thud of the freight landing on the floor and see the numbers increase above each box car.

Loading Box Cars

The second activity is all about heavy lifting. A flat car is at the steel plant waiting to have 5 big spools of chain loaded. Each spool lets out a clatter as it lands on the flat car and the number increases as the spools are loaded.

flatcar loading

The third activity is a count to 10 screen. As the little engineer touches the first car they hear the number 1 spoken and the number 1 appears on the train car. As they count to 10, each number is spoken and the number appears on the screen.

Count 1 to 10

At the end of each activity there is a special surprise sure to delight train fans and then the app automatically returns to the main screen to start the fun all over again!

Click here to see the app in the Apple Store.


A Little Bird Builds A Nest

Percy WIth A Mother Bird

Today Percy woke up early. He didn’t expect to get up early. A little bird with a very big voice was singing just outside his window. He laid in bed for a few minutes enjoying the song. Then all of a sudden he figured out what the little bird’s song meant.

It is finally Spring!

Percy leapt out of bed. “Oh my! I have so much to do. I have to wash the windows, sweep the walk, turn over the garden, and, and…” Then he sat down. “Whew! I am already tired just thinking about all of the Spring cleaning I have to do.”

Then the little bird started singing again and Percy smiled. He got up and walked over to the window. The little bird was whistling and singing, but he was also building a nest. Percy had no idea the little bird had been working so hard all this time. The singing was so happy he thought the bird must have been playing and having fun.

Then it all made sense. All of the work had to be done, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be fun. Percy started whistling along with his little bird friend and then he started sweeping off the walk.

Can you help the mother bird build her nest? Ask a grownup to click on the activity page and print it for you. Then connect the dots!

Bird Dot to Dot

Time to Plant the Pobble Garden!

The Pobbles are getting ready to plant their gardens. They love fresh fruits and vegetables and after the long winter they are excited to spend more time outside. They always plant tomatoes, potatoes, and corn. Those are Pobble favorites!

Every year they also plant some fun plants they haven’t tried before. This year they all agreed they would try to grow cantaloupes. They think the name is funny and Percy told everyone he tried a cantaloupe once and really liked it.

What fruits and vegetables do you like to eat? Have you ever tried to grow your own vegetables?

Last year Percy had some very healthy corn and tomatoes. Here is Percy in his garden last year. You can ask a grown up to print this coloring sheet and help Percy make his garden colorful.



Parents, our first Pobble Picture Book, I Like… is on sale March 13 to March 19 for only $0.99!  Percy likes to garden and this coloring sheet is from the I Like… book. If your kids like silly rhymes and bright pictures they will enjoy I Like…   Click here to view I Like… on Amazon!

Spring Delayed! Pobbles Worried…

The Pobbles are still sweeping snow from the Pobble Path!

The Pobbles are still sweeping snow from the Pobble Path!

The Pobbles are cold! Normally when March arrives the Pobbles are planning their gardens and are beginning to get excited about enjoying other outdoor activities. This year on the first day of March the Pobbles are busy sweeping more snow off of the Pobble Path!

“How long will this winter last?!” a frustrated Percy Pobble finally shouts! He loves winter, but at some point you can get too much of a good thing.

Mr. Pobble Topper overhears Percy and smiles. “Percy, we can’t change the weather so we will just have to make the best of it.” Percy doesn’t look convinced so Mr. Pobble Topper continues. “Remember last year when the weather was so dry and the river that runs along our path almost went completely dry? All of this snow is just what we need to make sure we have plenty of water for our garden this year.” Percy had not thought about that. “It was awfully dry last year. Our tomatoes were small and I love a big juicy tomato. If all of this snow means I can have a delicious tomato on my sandwiches this summer then I guess it isn’t so bad.”

Mr. Pobble Topper said, “That’s right! Think of the big red tomatoes, the sweet strawberries, the juicy corn on the cob, and all of the other wonderful food we will grow. Thanks to the all of the water this snow will give us later this year we are sure to have a bountiful garden!” Percy still wasn’t happy it was so cold, but at least now he understood how all of this snow would help the Pobbles, and after all it’s March so he is sure the cold weather won’t last too much longer.

Has it been cold this year where you live? Here is a news article about a city in Wisconsin, USA where it has been so cold they have broken records. We are sure they are looking forward to Spring! Records Broken Across North America!