Learn to Count to 10!

It is a big day at Pobble Path. Our first app just published on the Apple Store!

Counting Train Cars App

Counting Train Cars is our most popular picture book. Kids seem to love the bright colors and somewhat silly freight cars. We worked with a talented developer and built an educational app based on our best selling book.

The app includes three train based activities for little ones learning to count 1 to 10.

The first activity lets the little engineer load boxes onto the correct box car. The freight is color coded and has a picture to help them match the freight to the correct box car. As they load the boxes they can hear the thud of the freight landing on the floor and see the numbers increase above each box car.

Loading Box Cars

The second activity is all about heavy lifting. A flat car is at the steel plant waiting to have 5 big spools of chain loaded. Each spool lets out a clatter as it lands on the flat car and the number increases as the spools are loaded.

flatcar loading

The third activity is a count to 10 screen. As the little engineer touches the first car they hear the number 1 spoken and the number 1 appears on the train car. As they count to 10, each number is spoken and the number appears on the screen.

Count 1 to 10

At the end of each activity there is a special surprise sure to delight train fans and then the app automatically returns to the main screen to start the fun all over again!

Click here to see the app in the Apple Store.


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