A Little Bird Builds A Nest

Percy WIth A Mother Bird

Today Percy woke up early. He didn’t expect to get up early. A little bird with a very big voice was singing just outside his window. He laid in bed for a few minutes enjoying the song. Then all of a sudden he figured out what the little bird’s song meant.

It is finally Spring!

Percy leapt out of bed. “Oh my! I have so much to do. I have to wash the windows, sweep the walk, turn over the garden, and, and…” Then he sat down. “Whew! I am already tired just thinking about all of the Spring cleaning I have to do.”

Then the little bird started singing again and Percy smiled. He got up and walked over to the window. The little bird was whistling and singing, but he was also building a nest. Percy had no idea the little bird had been working so hard all this time. The singing was so happy he thought the bird must have been playing and having fun.

Then it all made sense. All of the work had to be done, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be fun. Percy started whistling along with his little bird friend and then he started sweeping off the walk.

Can you help the mother bird build her nest? Ask a grownup to click on the activity page and print it for you. Then connect the dots!

Bird Dot to Dot

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