Pobbles Waiting in Line

linePobbles like to run and play. They like to move around. They DO NOT like waiting in lines. They know sometimes it is required, but that doesn’t make it fun.

We wrote a silly poem about a little kid who has to wait in line at school. The Pobbles giggled when we read it to them. We hope you like it too. Click on the link to read it or you can find it in our list of Silly Poems at the top of the page.

Waiting in Line – A Silly Pobble Poem

Percy and Penny Visit The Lake

Pobbles at the lake

“Let’s go to the lake! It is BEAUTIFUL outside today!” Percy was hopping up and down trying to convince Penny. “It is nice outside, but I don’t have time to go to the lake today. I have to get some work done.” Pobbles are very industrious. That means they are always making sure they have their work done. Percy is the one Pobble who is always rushing through his work to make sure he has time to play. He told Penny that they needed to rush and get their work done. “We only get a few perfect days like this. We should definitely go to the lake.”

“Percy, you can’t rush too much or you will just end up having to redo all of your work,” Penny gave him a half smile as she scolded him. “Yes, Penny. I know Penny. I must not rush my work.” Percy was marching around like a soldier as he chanted about work. Penny couldn’t take it anymore and started giggling. “Percy, you are so silly. If you help me clean up, I’ll go to the lake with you.” That was all he needed to hear. He rushed around and started helping Penny.

“Percy, slow down! You are making more of a mess and you are supposed to be helping me clean.” She rushed over to slow him down. “Penny, I have a system!” He said this as though it was an important statement. Penny waited for him to say something else, but he just stood there beaming at her. “OK, what is your system?” She could tell he was not going to budge unless he was allowed to explain.

“Well, when I am cleaning up, I throw everything into a big pile in the middle of the room. Then, I put it all back as fast as I can. The dust is blown off when I pitch it in the pile. If something needs to be folded, I do that while I rush around putting everything from the pile back where it belongs. It is so much faster! Isn’t that great?” Penny knew she would never get used to his ideas. “No Percy. That is not a great idea. You will scratch everything throwing it into a pile! What a silly idea. You can clean your things any way you wish, but you will not be throwing all of my things into a pile. Now, gently pick those things up and clean them properly!” She spun around to make sure Percy wouldn’t see her smiling. She wanted him to know she was serious, but he was so goofy that she couldn’t help but smile.

Percy felt bad. He had not meant to scratch her things. “I am so sorry. You are right. I shouldn’t have thrown your things.” Penny gave him a pat. “It’s ok. Now you finish picking those things up while I straighten up in the kitchen, and then we can go to the lake.” Penny rushed through her work a little to make sure they would get there before the sun started to set.

“OK, Percy. I am ready if you are.” He slid across the floor. “Yes! I am ready. Let’s go.” He rushed out the door and they raced down to the lake. When they got to the lake, the sun had just started to hang low in the sky. They sat in the gazebo and watched the birds. “Thank you Percy.” “You are welcome!… What are you thanking me for?” He was happy and confused. “I would not have come to the lake today if it weren’t for you. You are right. We only get so many perfect days like this. I’m glad you convinced me to come with you.”