Peek A Boo Trucks Is Now Available for iPad

peekaboo truck

Our new app, Peek A Boo Trucks is now available on the Apple store for iPads! Click on the picture to view it in the app store.

We launched one day earlier than expected and are very excited.  We are featured third for Family Games and seventh for Education Games on the US App Store, and also featured in many other countries.

We hope your kids enjoy playing this app as much as we enjoyed drawing, animating, and programming it. Our apps are a “family business”. All of the work is done in house (literally)!

Thanks to those of you who have already purchased it!

Peek a Boo Trucks, and Cars, and a Tractor!

The Pobbles have been working hard and we are happy to announce our newest app, Peek a Boo Trucks!

peekaboo truck

This new app will be available on the Apple store next week.

So, what is it? It is a fun app for wee ones who like vehicles. The first activity is a peek a boo page turner with each page highlighting a different vehicle. Kids will see delivery vans, emergency vehicles, a taxi, a street sweeper, and many more vehicles.  Each vehicle page has animation, realistic sounds, and the name of the truck to help with word recognition. Kids will enjoy touching the screen and hearing the noise each vehicle makes, and they can repeat each vehicle as often as they like.

peekaboo truck3

peekaboo truck4

The other activity is a Shadow Matching game. Shadow Matching is a great early learning activity for kids. The game randomly selects three shadow’s to match to a picture of a vehicle. If they choose the wrong shadow, the car won’t start. When they choose the correct vehicle the car starts and advances to the next set. This game continues randomly assigning match sets as long as they want to play.

peekaboo truck2

We hope you enjoy our newest app. Check out our app page above to see our first app, Counting Train Cars.

Get Outdoors and Play!

percy baseball

June is Get Outdoors Month, and June 14th is Get Outdoors Day! What a great holiday. We told the Pobbles about it but they were a little confused. Penny asked, “We go outside and play every day. Why is there a special day for that?” We explained that kids don’t play outside as much as they used to and this day is meant to remind kids to go out and have fun while the weather is nice.

Percy was confused. “Why do kids have to be told to go outside and have fun? It doesn’t make any sense!” We finally agreed that it doesn’t make sense, but we also agreed that everyone should go outside and play.

Percy and Penny were scared that kids wouldn’t know what to do when they got outside. “If they aren’t used to going outside to play they may just go outside and stand,” said Percy. “Oh no!” cried Penny. “Then they will get bored and go back inside, and no one will ever go out and play!” The Pobbles are passionate about playing outside and they became distraught. We finally decided that we should write a poem about playing outside. The Pobbles love poems and they thought this would help kids who may not be used to playing outside with some ideas on how to have fun.

So, please go outside and play. The Pobbles are very worried.

Today is such a pretty day.
I want to go outside and play.

Let’s play tag. You’re it, you’re it!
Let’s play ball, you got a hit!

Let’s fly a kite way up high,
And feel it tugging from the sky.

Let’s go ride our bikes real fast,
And feel the wind rushing past!

Let’s draw pictures on the walk,
With our great big sticks of chalk.

I don’t care what we do,
I want to play outside with you!

Copyright June 2014