Back to School!

schoolbus percy

Percy is so excited! It is time to go back to school. The new school year is starting next week! He had so much fun over the summer, and he is a little sad that he will not have as much time to play, but school is fun too. He is looking forward to eating lunch with all of his friends, and learning about new things. He went to school this week to see his new classroom and meet his new teacher. She seems really nice, but he can tell that he will have to follow the rules. His new teacher told all of the new students that they have a lot to learn this year.

Percy wants to make sure he is ready for the first day of school so he is practicing his writing. He wants to make sure he is ready to write his name on all of his new school supplies. You can practice writing your name with Percy! Ask an adult to print off this practice sheet and practice writing your name!

Click on the picture to open a printable worksheet.

name writing