We’re in the soup!

“I am soooooo hungry!” Percy was always hungry so Penny just rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you make yourself something to eat?”

“I can’t cook. I wouldn’t know how to even start.” He hung his head and shuffled his little feet.

“Stop being so helpless! Anyone can cook. What do you want to eat?”

“Well, it’s so cold today. I would love a bowl of soup!” Percy was thinking he might be able to talk her into making soup!

“You go into the kitchen and see what you have in the refrigerator.”

Percy started yelling off random ingredients. “Grilled chicken! Pizza! Soda pop!”

“Percy! Don’t tell me everything you have in there! Even you know you wouldn’t put pizza or soda pop in a soup! Just tell me what you have that might go into soup.”

“Oh, okay. Well, grilled chicken, some rice from last night, here’s some pea pods, and some carrots.”

“Perfect! You can make some vegetable rice soup with chicken! Mmmmm. I can’t wait! I am going to go get some fresh bread. Call me when soup’s on!” Penny leapt off the couch and started out before Percy could ask anymore questions. “There are soup recipes in the cookbook I bought you for your last birthday. Read one of those and it will tell you how to put it all together!”

“Great! It sounds like Penny just invited herself over for dinner.” Percy wasn’t really mad, but he knew Penny had tricked him. He found the cookbook and started. He was surprised. It wasn’t so hard after all. He was excited to see if Penny would like his soup. It sure was starting to smell good!

What kind of soup do you like to eat?

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