Dim Sum Robot #1

The Pobbles have been playing a fun new game! Dim Sum Robot #1 is a new game for Apple devices. You are in control of a flying food cart and you race your competition to serve customers before the other carts steal them away.

Click on the picture to download for free on any Apple device!

Dim Sum Robot #1

Dim Sum Robot #1

This is a great game for kids and adults. It is free but is supported with advertising.

Support indies! Download Dim Sum Robot #1 today and leave a review!

Follow the feet

imagePenny and Percy are taking a winter walk. It snowed just enough last night on the Pobble Path to make a nice new carpet of snow.

“Wow! We must be the first Pobbles out today. We are making the first footprints on the new snow!” Percy was happy. He likes to be first.

“Not so fast Percy. I think I see some other footprints.” Penny rushed forward to see. “Hmmm. These aren’t Pobble prints. What could they be?” Percy caught up and took a look.

The footprint looked like three little sticks. Two were facing forward and one was facing back. Whatever it was, it had three toes. “It definitely isn’t a Pobble. It is way too small for that. It must be an animal!”

Penny agreed, “Yes. I think you are right. What kind of animal would leave prints like that?”

“Let’s follow them and see where they lead! Then we will know what made the tracks! It will be an adventure!” Percy loves adventures.

“That sounds fun! I think we should be quiet though. If we rush through and make a bunch of noise we will scare whatever it is.” Penny knew how loud Percy could be when he was excited.

They start off, making sure to step quietly. The tracks lead them down the path then turn into the briar patch. They turn and make their way through, careful to not get stuck on the sharp thorns. Finally they make it through to a small clearing and immediately hear birds chirping. There are many different types of birds living in the briars.

“Birds!” they both exclaim. The birds are startled and rush to hide deep in the briars. “Oh, I didn’t mean to scare them.” Penny feels bad. “Don’t worry. They will come back soon.” Percy has chased birds before. He knows he shouldn’t but it is fun to see them fly.

“We solved the mystery! They were bird prints in the snow. Let’s look around and see if we can find anymore animal prints!” Off they go to have more winter fun!

What type of animal prints do you see where you live?

Back to School!

schoolbus percy

Percy is so excited! It is time to go back to school. The new school year is starting next week! He had so much fun over the summer, and he is a little sad that he will not have as much time to play, but school is fun too. He is looking forward to eating lunch with all of his friends, and learning about new things. He went to school this week to see his new classroom and meet his new teacher. She seems really nice, but he can tell that he will have to follow the rules. His new teacher told all of the new students that they have a lot to learn this year.

Percy wants to make sure he is ready for the first day of school so he is practicing his writing. He wants to make sure he is ready to write his name on all of his new school supplies. You can practice writing your name with Percy! Ask an adult to print off this practice sheet and practice writing your name!

Click on the picture to open a printable worksheet.

name writing




Sharing Time

Percy and Penny with ToysToday Percy and Penny are going through their toys. They found some that they don’t play with very often and decided to donate them to a local charity. The charity will sell them at a rummage sale and the money will help Pobble Town.

They had fun going through the old toys and remembering how much fun they had with them and now they hope a new Pobble will have fun with them as well!

Get Outdoors and Play!

percy baseball

June is Get Outdoors Month, and June 14th is Get Outdoors Day! What a great holiday. We told the Pobbles about it but they were a little confused. Penny asked, “We go outside and play every day. Why is there a special day for that?” We explained that kids don’t play outside as much as they used to and this day is meant to remind kids to go out and have fun while the weather is nice.

Percy was confused. “Why do kids have to be told to go outside and have fun? It doesn’t make any sense!” We finally agreed that it doesn’t make sense, but we also agreed that everyone should go outside and play.

Percy and Penny were scared that kids wouldn’t know what to do when they got outside. “If they aren’t used to going outside to play they may just go outside and stand,” said Percy. “Oh no!” cried Penny. “Then they will get bored and go back inside, and no one will ever go out and play!” The Pobbles are passionate about playing outside and they became distraught. We finally decided that we should write a poem about playing outside. The Pobbles love poems and they thought this would help kids who may not be used to playing outside with some ideas on how to have fun.

So, please go outside and play. The Pobbles are very worried.

Today is such a pretty day.
I want to go outside and play.

Let’s play tag. You’re it, you’re it!
Let’s play ball, you got a hit!

Let’s fly a kite way up high,
And feel it tugging from the sky.

Let’s go ride our bikes real fast,
And feel the wind rushing past!

Let’s draw pictures on the walk,
With our great big sticks of chalk.

I don’t care what we do,
I want to play outside with you!

Copyright PobblePath.com June 2014


Pobbles Waiting in Line

linePobbles like to run and play. They like to move around. They DO NOT like waiting in lines. They know sometimes it is required, but that doesn’t make it fun.

We wrote a silly poem about a little kid who has to wait in line at school. The Pobbles giggled when we read it to them. We hope you like it too. Click on the link to read it or you can find it in our list of Silly Poems at the top of the page.

Waiting in Line – A Silly Pobble Poem

Percy and Penny Visit The Lake

Pobbles at the lake

“Let’s go to the lake! It is BEAUTIFUL outside today!” Percy was hopping up and down trying to convince Penny. “It is nice outside, but I don’t have time to go to the lake today. I have to get some work done.” Pobbles are very industrious. That means they are always making sure they have their work done. Percy is the one Pobble who is always rushing through his work to make sure he has time to play. He told Penny that they needed to rush and get their work done. “We only get a few perfect days like this. We should definitely go to the lake.”

“Percy, you can’t rush too much or you will just end up having to redo all of your work,” Penny gave him a half smile as she scolded him. “Yes, Penny. I know Penny. I must not rush my work.” Percy was marching around like a soldier as he chanted about work. Penny couldn’t take it anymore and started giggling. “Percy, you are so silly. If you help me clean up, I’ll go to the lake with you.” That was all he needed to hear. He rushed around and started helping Penny.

“Percy, slow down! You are making more of a mess and you are supposed to be helping me clean.” She rushed over to slow him down. “Penny, I have a system!” He said this as though it was an important statement. Penny waited for him to say something else, but he just stood there beaming at her. “OK, what is your system?” She could tell he was not going to budge unless he was allowed to explain.

“Well, when I am cleaning up, I throw everything into a big pile in the middle of the room. Then, I put it all back as fast as I can. The dust is blown off when I pitch it in the pile. If something needs to be folded, I do that while I rush around putting everything from the pile back where it belongs. It is so much faster! Isn’t that great?” Penny knew she would never get used to his ideas. “No Percy. That is not a great idea. You will scratch everything throwing it into a pile! What a silly idea. You can clean your things any way you wish, but you will not be throwing all of my things into a pile. Now, gently pick those things up and clean them properly!” She spun around to make sure Percy wouldn’t see her smiling. She wanted him to know she was serious, but he was so goofy that she couldn’t help but smile.

Percy felt bad. He had not meant to scratch her things. “I am so sorry. You are right. I shouldn’t have thrown your things.” Penny gave him a pat. “It’s ok. Now you finish picking those things up while I straighten up in the kitchen, and then we can go to the lake.” Penny rushed through her work a little to make sure they would get there before the sun started to set.

“OK, Percy. I am ready if you are.” He slid across the floor. “Yes! I am ready. Let’s go.” He rushed out the door and they raced down to the lake. When they got to the lake, the sun had just started to hang low in the sky. They sat in the gazebo and watched the birds. “Thank you Percy.” “You are welcome!… What are you thanking me for?” He was happy and confused. “I would not have come to the lake today if it weren’t for you. You are right. We only get so many perfect days like this. I’m glad you convinced me to come with you.”

A Little Bird Builds A Nest

Percy WIth A Mother Bird

Today Percy woke up early. He didn’t expect to get up early. A little bird with a very big voice was singing just outside his window. He laid in bed for a few minutes enjoying the song. Then all of a sudden he figured out what the little bird’s song meant.

It is finally Spring!

Percy leapt out of bed. “Oh my! I have so much to do. I have to wash the windows, sweep the walk, turn over the garden, and, and…” Then he sat down. “Whew! I am already tired just thinking about all of the Spring cleaning I have to do.”

Then the little bird started singing again and Percy smiled. He got up and walked over to the window. The little bird was whistling and singing, but he was also building a nest. Percy had no idea the little bird had been working so hard all this time. The singing was so happy he thought the bird must have been playing and having fun.

Then it all made sense. All of the work had to be done, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be fun. Percy started whistling along with his little bird friend and then he started sweeping off the walk.

Can you help the mother bird build her nest? Ask a grownup to click on the activity page and print it for you. Then connect the dots!

Bird Dot to Dot

Time to Plant the Pobble Garden!

The Pobbles are getting ready to plant their gardens. They love fresh fruits and vegetables and after the long winter they are excited to spend more time outside. They always plant tomatoes, potatoes, and corn. Those are Pobble favorites!

Every year they also plant some fun plants they haven’t tried before. This year they all agreed they would try to grow cantaloupes. They think the name is funny and Percy told everyone he tried a cantaloupe once and really liked it.

What fruits and vegetables do you like to eat? Have you ever tried to grow your own vegetables?

Last year Percy had some very healthy corn and tomatoes. Here is Percy in his garden last year. You can ask a grown up to print this coloring sheet and help Percy make his garden colorful.



Parents, our first Pobble Picture Book, I Like… is on sale March 13 to March 19 for only $0.99!  Percy likes to garden and this coloring sheet is from the I Like… book. If your kids like silly rhymes and bright pictures they will enjoy I Like…   Click here to view I Like… on Amazon!

Feeding Ducks

Today Percy went down to the lake near Pobble Path and fed the ducks. He likes to feed them. They all waddle up as fast as they can as soon as they see him coming. The ducks all go, “QUACK! QUACK!” to get his attention. They have plenty to eat in the lake, but the food Percy brings is a special treat.

The ducks that live at Pobble Path are Mallards. The female Mallard ducks are pretty shades of brown. The male Mallard ducks have brown bodies but have bright green feathers on their head. Ducks come in many different colors all around the world.

You can read about Mallards and other types of ducks on the National Geographic website. Their site even lets you listen to the Mallard’s quack!

Here is a coloring page of Percy with his duck friends. What color will your ducks be? Ask a grownup to click on the picture to print your free coloring page.

Feeding Ducks

Percy likes feeding the ducks so much he added it to the list of thing he likes in his Picture Book, I Like…, available on Amazon.