Happy Easter!

Percy and Penny hope you have a fun Easter! They woke up this morning and were so happy to see Easter baskets! Jelly beans and chocolates shaped like eggs are their favorites.

Later they will all meet for Easter brunch so they make sure not to eat too much candy this morning!

Happy Easter from Pobble Path!

Winter daze

“I love winter!” Percy ran down the Pobble Path to get to the skating rink. He just finished putting new laces in his skates and cannot wait to show off the colors he chose. He isn’t a very good skater, but he loves the feeling of sliding across the ice.

Winter can be a hard time to go outside, but the Pobbles make sure they go out whenever they can. What do you like to do when the weather is bad? Playing inside is fun, but there is nothing like being outside!

We’re in the soup!

“I am soooooo hungry!” Percy was always hungry so Penny just rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you make yourself something to eat?”

“I can’t cook. I wouldn’t know how to even start.” He hung his head and shuffled his little feet.

“Stop being so helpless! Anyone can cook. What do you want to eat?”

“Well, it’s so cold today. I would love a bowl of soup!” Percy was thinking he might be able to talk her into making soup!

“You go into the kitchen and see what you have in the refrigerator.”

Percy started yelling off random ingredients. “Grilled chicken! Pizza! Soda pop!”

“Percy! Don’t tell me everything you have in there! Even you know you wouldn’t put pizza or soda pop in a soup! Just tell me what you have that might go into soup.”

“Oh, okay. Well, grilled chicken, some rice from last night, here’s some pea pods, and some carrots.”

“Perfect! You can make some vegetable rice soup with chicken! Mmmmm. I can’t wait! I am going to go get some fresh bread. Call me when soup’s on!” Penny leapt off the couch and started out before Percy could ask anymore questions. “There are soup recipes in the cookbook I bought you for your last birthday. Read one of those and it will tell you how to put it all together!”

“Great! It sounds like Penny just invited herself over for dinner.” Percy wasn’t really mad, but he knew Penny had tricked him. He found the cookbook and started. He was surprised. It wasn’t so hard after all. He was excited to see if Penny would like his soup. It sure was starting to smell good!

What kind of soup do you like to eat?

Whoopee Dee, It’s Free, it’s Free!

There is a book that we are in! Oh my gosh, it is so exciting! Not the book. The book is cute. It is so exciting that we are in it!

Guess what! It is free for a few days (Jan 2 to Jan 6)! Wow! Click the link to get it for free on Amazon!


Time to Plant the Pobble Garden!

The Pobbles are getting ready to plant their gardens. They love fresh fruits and vegetables and after the long winter they are excited to spend more time outside. They always plant tomatoes, potatoes, and corn. Those are Pobble favorites!

Every year they also plant some fun plants they haven’t tried before. This year they all agreed they would try to grow cantaloupes. They think the name is funny and Percy told everyone he tried a cantaloupe once and really liked it.

What fruits and vegetables do you like to eat? Have you ever tried to grow your own vegetables?

Last year Percy had some very healthy corn and tomatoes. Here is Percy in his garden last year. You can ask a grown up to print this coloring sheet and help Percy make his garden colorful.



Parents, our first Pobble Picture Book, I Like… is on sale March 13 to March 19 for only $0.99!  Percy likes to garden and this coloring sheet is from the I Like… book. If your kids like silly rhymes and bright pictures they will enjoy I Like…   Click here to view I Like… on Amazon!