I Like… A Pobble Picturebook

Everyone at Pobble Path is very excited! Percy’s new book is published. I Like┬áis a silly rhyming picture book about many of the things Percy enjoys. Percy couldn’t possibly include everything he likes, so he picked 24 of his all time favorites.

Percy is very silly so some of the things he likes are a little goofy, but he is also nice and some of the things he likes warm our heart. How do the things Percy likes match up with your likes?

We will be adding activity sheets and coloring pages to tie in with I Like. You can subscribe to our blog or keep coming back to visit us and enjoy the free fun things coming from I Like on Pobble Path!

Click on the cover image to view the book on Amazon. We hope you enjoy the first Pobble book and would love to get your feedback in the comments or a review on Amazon.


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