Green Teeth – A Silly Pobble Poem


I would hate it if they were green,
So I brush my teeth to keep them clean.

I start with flossing all the gaps.
Gently in, then out it snaps!

Loading up the brush is tricky.
I didn’t know toothpaste was sticky.

It feels so fresh when I am brushing,
But on the walls it’s just disgusting.

I better hurry and wipe that down.
A messy bathroom makes Dad frown.

I brush them once then once again.
So much smoother than when I began.

A sip of water and I start rinsing.
I love the sound of all that swishing.

Mom says spitting isn’t nice,
But here I get to do it twice!

I dry my hands and towel my chin.
Now its time to show off that grin.

Copyright CM Dixon Jan 2014

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