Talking Dog – A Silly Pobble Poem

Parents, this poem has a very silly reference to cussing. Please pre read to assure the content is acceptable.

dog reading

Last night I dreamt my dog could talk,
And he chattered non stop on our walk.

“You have always been my favorite boy,”
“Thanks so much for the new chew toy.”

“You always know just what I like.”
“What is that smell? I have to hike!”

“Stop watching me! Privacy please.”
I pretend to ignore him while he pees.

“Close now! Close now! Just ahead!”
This is the part of our walk I dread.

Every day at this very same yard,
He barks and pulls the leash so hard.

“You blankety bleeping no good cat!”
“Watch your mouth! You can’t say that!”

“I had no idea when you did all this fussing,”
“That you were doing so much cussing!”

“It’s the very same cat we see everyday.”
“Why must you always act this way?”

“Cats smell weird and their eyes are green.”
“Well that is no reason to be so mean!”

“Ha! Look that dog’s wearing a sweater!”
“Well maybe he’s chilly and it helps him feel better.”

“No way! He hates it! Dogs don’t want clothes!”
“We want to be naked from our tail to our nose!”

“Hey you! Sweater dog, roll around in the dirt!”
“Get that sweater filthy and howl like you’re hurt!”

“They’ll quit dressing you up if you tear it!”
“Look a goose! Let’s go scare it!

I woke with a start to see my pup,
He yawned wide and then sat up.

“Hey there boy! Did you sleep well?”
“Woof!” He said with a wagging tail.

Thankfully, back to a normal day.
With my dog who has nothing to say.

Copyright CM Dixon Feb. 2014

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