Waiting In Line – A Silly Pobble Poem


I don’t enjoy standing in line.
It makes me fidgety,
And then I want to whine.

My legs are getting tight.
I have pain in my knee.
There’s no end in sight.

What are we waiting here for?
I can’t remember.
Is that the gym or music door?

I could ask my best friend.
A questioning whisper.
If teacher hears, back to the end.

I wish I wasn’t so small.
The big kids are in front.
They are way too tall.

I could lean out just a little to see.
Or jump up in the air.
But teacher would glare at me.

What is the hold up?
It’s stuffy in here.
I’m going to throw up.

Is someone holding us back?
That other line is faster.
I’m getting dizzy. I need a snack.

I won’t last much more.
I’m starting to sway.
I’ll just faint to the floor.

Wait! Are we starting to walk?
Yes! We’re starting to shuffle.
Excitedly we all start to talk.

Teacher doesn’t like talking.
She shushes us.
Teacher likes quiet walking.

I’m finally close enough to look.
Oh, it’s time for the library.
Yay! I can get a book!

I guess this was worth the wait.
But I still don’t like lines.
We should just start getting here late.

Copyright CM Dixon April 2014

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