Percy Goes Shopping At The Apple Store

Percy likes to go shopping.  This weekend he decided to look at new computers. He doesn’t know too much about computers but he thought this one was pretty. He has a friend named Mac and he thinks it is funny that the computer’s name is Mac too! It also happened to be the Mac computer’s 30th birthday. Percy was glad to be at the store for the special day. He had his picture taken with the Mac computer to show Mac, his friend. He is sure his friend will think that is a funny joke.

Percy with MacPro

When Percy was looking at the computers something bright caught his eye. “Ooh, look at the pretty colors!” he squealed. They reminded him of party balloons for the celebration. Can you name the different colors? Do you see Percy in the picture? Which color is he standing on?

Percy with colorful covers

 Happy 30th Birthday Mac!

When is your next birthday? How old will you be?